• Why is finding the right office chair important?

    As a nation we are spending much more time sitting and for longer periods. We sit to eat breakfast, sit to go to school, work, meetings and often when we get home we sit to eat dinner and then sit to watch T.V.

    Our lives are more sedentary and although sitting requires less physical effort than standing or walking, it puts more pressure on the lumbar spine.

    The combination of a sedentary lifestyle and more jobs which are predominantly desk based, can lead to a number of muscular skeletal disorders.

    TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Finding the right chair is not simply a matter of looking on a website and choosing a chair because it has a nice chrome base, or believing that this chair will ‘solve all your problems, including your ingrowing toenails and nose hairs!’ It really is important to make sure you get the best advice and can TRY the product first when you are buying a chair for health reasons.

    Visit www.shape-seating.com to look at the seating options available or call 01629 814656 for any advice. They are nice, friendly people! Most of the specialist chairs you see there can be tried first, but just ask them if you need any help…

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