The world of ergonomic office chairs as we know it has exploded in the last 10 years – in part due to the rise of the internet and the battle between manufacturers and retail companies to win your business with sweeping statements like: ‘best ergonomic office chair for back pain’!

But the beginning was very small indeed, and a long time ago. Way back when, even before specialist companies like Shape Posture Seating came to existence, a man called Peter Opsvik came up with the design for a ‘kneeling chair’ that kept the body in balance, and the lumbar spine in as natural a posture as could be achieved when sitting down.

The concept, in Peter Opsvik’s own words, was ‘to make furniture that inspires movement and activity and encourages correct and varied body movement’ (Quote taken from an unpublished leaflet entitled ‘The Story of Balance’, Peter Opsvik, Date Unknown)

In this he has certainly achieved his aim, and in doing so inspired an entire industry to continue to re-invent the way we sit.

This site is dedicated to that industry. It will explore the history and principles of ergonomic chairs from our caveman ancestors to those orbiting the planet, and will open up discussions that will hopefully inspire you to explore for yourself the –sometimes weird – and wonderful world of ergonomic seating.