Top 10 Ergonomic Chairs…

…in our opinion! Everyone has their own favourite office chair but these are our pick of the best! (More to follow I’m sure!)

The RH Logic 300 and 400 is one of the very first, and best, truly ergonomic office chairs that offers superior support for your back pain. It works on a unique 2 Point Principle where the mechanism of the chair moves with you and in tune with the main articulation points of the human body – the knees and the hips. It has several modifications available for those needing that little bit extra – coccyx cut-out, memory foam, specialist arm supports etc. Also available on a two week trial basis!

RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair

RH Logic 400

The Hoganasmobler +381 is truly unique among specialist ergonomic chairs. It has what the manufacturers call a ‘multimatic’ mechanism that lets the seat independently tilt whilst the rest of the chair flexes and moves. It also has an independent, and always moving, backrest which pivots at a point centred in the lumbar spine. This means that the lumbar support AND thoracic support will always stay with you!



Mesh seating has been around for a very long time now, with everyone and his uncle knowing the name Herman Miller and the Aeron Chair. Well, they are not the only ones who can make a decent ergonomic mesh chair! The Ergohuman Mesh is one of the very best mesh chairs I have seen, incorporating sound ergonomic principles, an elegant design, and a very affordable price tag, starting at only £445 + vat from suppliers such as Shape Posture Seating. It has adjustable armrests and headrest as standard, but also has lovely little optional features such as an attachable laptop stand and integrated leg support as shown here.


Ergohuman Mesh

Th Active Ergonomics FLO chair is one of the most recent additions to the world of ergonomic chairs, and has been developed to introduce a sense of simplicity and ease of use. It has a tensioned free float mechanism that keeps the body moving and supported, with levers that are clear and easy to read with markings so that you can easily change the settings and know where you started from! Both the mid back and high back options have integral lumbar support and thoracic support, with a 10cm seat slide adjustment making his range very suitable to a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Orangebox Flo

Who could ask for a more adaptable range of chairs -truly ergonomic in the sense that every chair can be tailor made to fit each individual. The list of modifications and options is too large for me to list here, suffice it to say that if you can’t find an Adapt chair to fit you…well, call Shape and they will!


Adapt 660

This chair is perfect for that balanced posture. Use the BackApp when sitting at higher desks and workstations, or as an addition to your standard office chair, to help you maintain a balanced posture without the need for a backrest. It works on the same principle as the ‘fit-ball’, but has the added advantage of the wobble being able to be adjusted to give more or less movement – allowing you to train your back muscles over time. The saddle shape seat also gives you more support and stability through contact with the inner thighs, whilst the height adjustment allows you to work at a variety of heights.


BackApp 2.0 Saddle Stool

The saddle chair that really does it all! You can sit in so many different postures that you will only ever need one chair! 1) Use it at a normal sitting height with your back supported in the lumbar region. 2) Perch at a higher workstation using the padded saddle shaping at the front edge of the seat. 3) Sit sideways with one arm resting on the beck support, or 4) Turn you whole body round and sit back to front using the backrest as a chest support! Genius!


Capisco 8106 Saddle Stool

This is the perfect chair for pelvic support. The company behind this chair – BMA Ergonomics – spent many years researching and developing this chair to offer the perfect posture for working at your desk. It is designed to prevent backwards rotation of the pelvis in order to maintain the natural curve of the spine at source, rather than trying to force an unnatural curve with an over-inflated lumbar air cell. The mechanism pivots a third of the way back in the seat, and encourages the user to sit back into the chair with their pelvis locked in a fixed angle, and the back in a reclined posture to bring the head into balance over the spine and hips. This relaxes the body and prevents over-use of the back muscles.


BMA Axia 2.4 for Pelvic Support

If you are looking for an office chair/stool to keep your body active throughout the day, then look no further! The unique swopper chair has a tensioned spring, much like the suspension in a car, that allows the body to bounce up and down, and move around on a 360 degree axis! It comes in two main seat shapes – standard as shown below, and a saddle seat. It acts very much like a fit-ball, and is perfect for pregnancy. You can tighten the suspension to train your body over time depending on you natural core strength.


aeris swopper

A combination of elegant design and ergonomics, this chair from the highly respected RH Chairs offers a fluid free-float mechanism designed in accordance with their two point principle giving active movement around the main articulation points of the human body. The chair is a particular favourite of mine due to the shape of the backrest providing excellent lumbar and thoracic support, and encouraging the shoulders backwards to open the chest and improve breathing and posture.


RH Mereo 220